Optimization of electrocoagulation

Comprehensive documentation of the applicability of electrocoagulation on Polish and Norwegian wastewater. A prototype will be developed, demonstrated and validated.

Development of a flock sensor

Development of a flock sensor based on correlations of image analysis and advanced control systems of the flock growth, fractal geometry, and other physical parameters. The concept will be demonstrated and validated, while feasibility for further development and commercialization will be evaluated.

Dosing control for wastewater treatment

The project will demonstrate the functionality of a novel dosing control system enabling savings and higher and stable treatment efficiencies. Although several WWTPs have been interested in the concept, a reference WWTP demonstrating the functionality under the Polish conditions is highly sought after.

Dosing control for sludge treatment

A multi-parameter based polymer dosing concept for sludge dewatering and thickening will be developed and validated. The financial and technological feasibility will be presented.

Optimization of coagulation to improve reusability of sludge

A solution to the much debated reduced availability of phosphates to plants will be presented without jeopardizing the excellent treatment efficiencies of the wastewater coagulation process