The project involves The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn – Poland  (UWM) and Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Both are leading state universities in their respective countries with acknowledged academic and R&D standings among the European and international universities.

Both partners have involved senior research staff in the project while a substantial part of the research has and will be conducted by young scientists who are either PhD students or young graduates.

Two leading scientists from each partner are key persons in the project, they are all leading specialists in their respectve fields and cover all the aspects addressed in the project:

  • Prof Lech Smoczyński (UWM): Electrocoagulation, physical chemistry, flock and sludge characterisation
  • Dr. Sławomir Kalinowski (UWM): Electrochemistry and sensor technology
  • Prof Harsha Ratnaweera (NMBU): Coagulation, process control and automation. Sludge treatment
  • Prof Knut Kvaal (NMBU): Image processing. Multivariate analysis


Key PhD students involved in the project

  • Marta Kosobucka, UWM
  • Nataliia Sivchenko, NMBU
  • Lelum Manamperuma, NMBU